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Business Liability Bonds

Protect Your Business Interests

Business Liability Bonds from Russell Insurance Group

Business owners, contractors, administrators, and estate executors: these are just a few of the many individuals who may need a bond. Your friends at Russell Insurance Group can help provide the protection required to provide peace of mind.

So…why would you need a bond?  There are a variety of reasons, which include:

  • Contractors who need to post a bond to guarantee work in order to meet local municipal licensing requirements
  • Business owners looking to guarantee payment for state taxes, utility bills and other fees
  • Attorneys with clients who must post court bonds as administrators or executors to guarantee the ethical execution of asset distribution in estate settlement issues.

There are a variety of bond types that Russell Insurance Group can provide:

  • Probate and other Court bonds
  • Surety bonds
  • Contract Performance bonds

Russell Insurance Group offers business liability bonds that protect your business interests.

Bonds are NOT the same as an Insurance Policy

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There IS a difference between a bond and an insurance policy and sometimes it can get confusing. Here’s a simple way to understand the difference. A surety bond protects a consumer, guaranteeing their investments and looking after their interests. A liability insurance policy protects you, the insured, from financial repercussions of lawsuits. In essence, the primary difference is which party is protected. Remember: a bond protects the consumer (your customer), while a liability insurance policy protects YOU, the insured.