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Commercial Auto Insurance

When automobiles are involved in your business…

Commercial Auto Insurance from Russell Insurance Group

Businesses face a myriad of risks each and every day. Businesses that use or repair automobiles face an even greater liability exposure that requires more than basic commercial insurance. That’s why Commercial Auto insurance is vital for businesses with auto liability exposure. The professionals at Russell Insurance Group provide the commercial auto insurance coverage that keeps you and your business safe from potential auto related liability. We offer plans that include insurance for commercial auto, garage and garage liability, cargo, fleets, tour buses, trucking and inland marine and more.

Coverage designed with YOUR business in mind

Do you drive your own car for business purposes? Does your business own a fleet of commercial vehicles? Whatever the case, Russell Insurance Group understands the ins and outs of commercial auto insurance. We deliver a variety of options designed with your particular commercial auto risk in mind, tailored for a variety of classes. As an independent insurance agency we can compare and contrast the policies offered by a variety of carriers who specialize in commercial auto coverage, ensuring you get the right policy at the right price.

Protection for you and those you serve

Russell Insurance Group delivers real-world protection for a variety of property risks, including those with special valuation requirements as well as businesses with specific handling regulations. Our experienced agents look after your risks and can provide protection to others for their goods that you transport. From the liability exposure you face in warehousing to third-party issues, you’ll find the comprehensive coverage you need to protect you and your customers at Russell Insurance Group.

Protecting businesses in a digital age

Today’s businesses collect, store and transfer vast amounts of information every day.

Our business lifeblood is information, from customer statistics to material lists, valuable proprietary data to corporate financials and so much more. The loss of information can be devastating. Russell Insurance Group can provide protection against loss or damage to electronic data processing equipment and media. We can also provide coverage for valuable papers, records and other hard copy for your commercial auto business so you can recoup information should it become destroyed or damaged.

Commercial Auto Insurance options include but are not limited to:

  • Garage
  • Garage Liability
  • Mechanical Repair Shops
  • Auto Body Repair and Refinish Shops